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Friday, 29 March 2013

Today I Am...

Do you ever do that thing when you watch a TV programme, and then become convinced that you have whatever it's portraying?

It works hypochondriacally, intellectually, and physically. It's like TV magic.

Last night, I watched a show about taste, because the trailer for it suggested they'd found some magic way of making things sweet. And with a diabetic husband, I am all about the magic, healthy sweetness.

Anyway, they introduced the concept of a super taster, who taste things much more than ordinary people on account of the extra taste buds.

I have, obviously, now decided that I am one of these. It explains everything. I have told Andrew this at every opportunity since.

Me: You know how I don't like wine?
Andrew: Yes...
Me: I think it's because I'm a super taster.
Andrew: Really? Maybe you just don't like wine.
Me: Yes, and that explains why I don't like coffee too, because the lady said that super tasters don't like bitter things.
Andrew: Really? You love lemons.
Me: Ah...but they're not bitter, they're sour. See, you'd know the difference if you were a super taster, like me.

Some hours later, in Mimi's Bakehouse (mmmmm):

Me: And I've never like fizzy juice, because it hurts my tongue. I must have so many taste buds that they're just too sensitive. See. I am a super taster.
Andrew: -----

So, what do you think? Are you a super taster? Or do you just taste in pastel?


  1. I think I have what's called an uneducated palate. Give me pickles and cheese over caviar any day.

    1. I'd much rather have pickles and cheese than caviar too! But it would have to be mature cheddar and a lovely windfall chutney. Mmmmmmmm....

  2. I do not know if you already know about this ( probably yes) but a natural sweetener that is easily found by those days is Stevia.

    I use it daily. it is nothing like sugar, but a honourable second best.

    1. I don't have Stevia at the moment, but I have used it before. I'll need to get some again. I'm looking for something that works in a crumble, and so far a fake sugar that works for that has been elusive!