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Who am I?

My name is Lindsay. I live in Edinburgh with my husband Andrew, and my two daughters Josette and Lorelei. We usually call them Josie and Lori, so you can too, or collectively, "The Woblins".

I started this blog to chronicle progress on a children's book, which I'm writing on the request of Josie. Because I'm a natural procrastinator, I've also started writing about other things in my life. It's not necessarily the most exciting of lives, but it's mine. I thought it might be weird if I started blogging about Angelina Jolie or Hillary Clinton's lives, or pretending this was a blog sent through time by Byron (I believe he had quite an interesting life).

It's called Linzertortes because close friends and family often shorten my name to Linz, and I've always liked the word Linzertorte, even though I actually prefer a Sachertorte or a Black Forest Gateau.

Anyway, that's me! Enjoy Linzertortes.

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