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Friday, 6 February 2015

A New Year's Resolution of Food

I've decided this year that we'll eat less meat. I know that's not the best way to achieve an objective, just to put it out there as a blanket, unspecific, difficult-to-measure objective, but there we go.

What have I done about this?

Well, I've developed one of my old vegetarian recipes into one that contains meat. And not just any meat, but processed pork. Could there be anything more resolution-busting than this Chorizo Chilli Chutney Tart?

Yes, as it happens. There could be Cheeseburger Pie, or Layered Cottage Pie, or any one of a number of new meat-filled recipes that I've created this year.

Oh my, Cheeseburger Pie!
I'm being a bit mean to myself though, I've also been creating some delicious new vegetarian recipes, and on the whole, they've been pretty well received. I even made a Rice Salad. We had it with the Chorizo Chilli Chutney Tart, but a big whatever to that, they went well, and that's the end of it.

One thing they never really mention in recipe books is the things that don't go right, and how to fix them. I made a leek and potato layered thing, but I didn't have enough cream, so I just topped it up with milk to the same volume. It required about an hour extra cooking time, but in the end, seemed to work out okay. For a while I was looking at some sort of peculiar leek and potato soup, though.

Experimentation also abounds: a wilted spring green, bacon lardons, and avocado salad was thrown together when Andrew and the girls had already eaten and I needed to use up some vegetables. On paper I thought it would be great, but in practice, I used too much and the wrong type of vinegar. I am going back to the drawing board with balsamic instead of red wine vinegar in this one, I think.

Festive Rice Salad
However, as we left January and entered February I'm pleased to report that we are back on track with reducing meat intake. Laregly because I have zero money, and meat is expensive, but who cares? On track is on track.

This delicious Leek and Potato Soup, Andrew's recipe, has helped enormously!

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