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Friday, 12 October 2012

Tiens! Tea, Anyone?

In the Edinburgh office, we have to walk to the coffee cart to procure our own beverages. Yesterday, I heard some news that one of our London offices has a tea trolley.

A tea trolley?

Does this not belong to another era?

The only experience I have ever had of a tea trolley is Madame Cholet in the Wombles, who I am pretty sure had a trolley and a bell.

Thinking back, there was once an ill-fated trolley attempt at our Edinburgh office, when they built the Link Building and connected us to next door. Back then, I worked on the Lower Ground Floor. No-one from the canteen could quite work out the lift structure that would get them from Lower Ground Dundas to Lower Ground Fettes. Apparently it was complicated. So, the tea trolley remained a fabled legend known only by those on the upper floors.

However, despite feeling like a tea trolley is a mythical remnant of another age, I am reliably informed that the London office has one. It still has a bell. I am fairly certain that they also all wear bowler hats, but my contact refused to admit that.

I have determined that they need to be brought into the 21st century. The solution is obvious. Dispense with the bell, and create the Tea Trolley Tracker App.

Who says banking is old-fashioned?


  1. We had a trolley at IF, for a while. It was like the ones you get on trains, with the big flasks which you pump to get coffee and water for tea. It didn't go round all the pods, but it came close to them, since the canteen was located at one end of a very long building.

  2. I remember when I found out that they'd got rid of the tea trolley lady at my work only a short time before I started. I was so upset! I missed out on tea and biscuits brought to my desk by THIS MUCH! *holds up thumb and forefinger*

  3. We did have the breakfast and lunch trolley during "the incident". Free food - so happy!