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Sunday, 21 October 2012

We're Back!

We're back home after a lovely week away in sunny Thurso.

We had walks on the beach.

We had lots of fun on our walks on the beach.

Andrew taught Josie the best stones for skimming, and how to skim them. I won the competition for the most bounces from a single skim (I counted 7, but Andrew said it was 9).

Lori ran around like a crazy cat who was scared of getting her feet wet. She won the competition for the least number of bounces from a single skim (0).

Basically, we did a lot of walking. Everyone had a wonderful time. Now, back to life.


  1. Beautiful pictures Lindsay looks a mite chilly though!

    1. That was one of the nicer days, when the sun actually cooperated and came out to say hello. Otherwise it was very drippy and rainy. Just see the weather forecast for up there next week and it's snow. The girls are very upset to have missed it by a week.

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