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Saturday, 14 July 2012

It's only the first draft!

Since last year Josie and I have been discussing the possibility of me writing a book for her. We've bouncing ideas around. In May I started writing them down, and I've now written about 27,000 words. They've come quite easily, all in all. I've enjoyed letting my imagination loose on the city I love. I've enjoyed taking a new delight in every walk I take, as I see a new detail that will add character to the story. I've loved talking to Josie and Lori about it, and getting their perspectives on the world.

So, why is it that I'm finding it so hard to finish? I have no deadline. Josie has no real expectations that it will be complete any time soon. Any pressure is completely made up by my own head. I write chapter after chapter. The end section extends. I stop writing chapters, and start making "helpful" additions like a chapter by chapter breakdown describing characters, main plot points, and magical elements that appear in that chapter. The climax stays stubbornly unwritten. Why am I getting worked up about finishing? I know that it will need editing. I know it will need a lot of editing, so finishing the first draft isn't even the end anyway.

Perhaps it's because I've decided it will end with something that I'm not sure how to write. Perhaps it's because I've never written a book before. Perhaps it's because I'm new to all this plotting, and character development, and satisfying plot arcs. Or perhaps it's because I haven't been on the right inspirational walk yet. 

Whatever it is, I know I'll get there, but I'm not going to work it out today. I have a new blog to create, and a companion Bestiary to write!

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