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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chasing Butterflies

Well, it's a beautiful day in the City of Edinburgh today. Perhaps the loveliest day of the summer so far. Coincidentally, after my last post about the bravery page, Josie complained of a sore gum yesterday. I had a quick look, and it looked like she might have an abscess starting to form. I made an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. I don't want anything spoiling our Olympics holiday, especially not a sore tooth.

Josie performed admirably at the dentist. She told me once that she had a sore tummy, and had a little wobble in the chair, but apart from that she was absolutely perfect. The Beano helped, as she clutched on to it, and decided that she would read it straight after.

She wasn't offered a sticker today, presumably because she was in the chair for all of 10 seconds. She decided that was because all the children were on holiday, so the dentist didn't have her usual box of stickers. Whatever the case, it was brilliant to see her cope a lot better than the last time we went, which in turn was a lot better than the time before.

Afterwards, we went to the park. We rolled down hills, and I taught them how to play shadow tig. Then they chased a few butterflies, and a swift. We saw an umbrella in a graveyard (Josie: maybe someone who believes in God left it there for him in case it rains). Oh, to be a child again.

Super Brave Josie!

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