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Thursday, 2 August 2012

York Tales

We're in York just now, and it's my birthday, so my Mum decided to take me shopping for some new work clothes.

Shopping for clothes is usually a bit of a chore. I'm only 5'3'', and my lack of height is very much due to short legs rather than a short body. In addition, my upper body is a slightly different clothes size to my lower body.

It's hard to find clothes that don't need altered. Skirts and trousers are too long. Dresses are too tight at the top, but too loose and long. Years of competitive swimming left me with broad shoulders, so the petite ranges are pretty useless. Yes they're short, but they're also made for people who don't have realistic body shapes (just because you're short doesn't mean you're tiny everywhere!)


So, it was with no great hope that I walked into the York branch of Hobbs, after a fruitless afternoon in the other shops of the city centre.

Offhandedly, I asked the assistant whether they had any shorter styles. Usually, the assistants have no idea about the length of the range in their shop. Then once I try some things on they then try to convince me that the blatantly ill-fitting clothes are perfect (which is what happened in Reiss earlier in the day), or they just ignore me (LK Bennett, that's you).

This time was refreshingly different. She immediately pointed out the range that tended to be shorter, and proceeded to bring me all the clothes that she thought I would like. She got the different sizes when I needed them. She gave me honest appraisals of the clothes. She was awesome (coincidently, her Mum was from Dalkeith). Hobbs wins for petite-friendly fashion.

I will definitely be returning to Hobbs next time I need some new clothes for work.

This is what I bought:


  1. No -it is not what YOU bought!!!!

  2. That's true! I should point out that this outfit is a birthday present from my Mum!

  3. It is lovely anyway and you look great in it