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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Onwards, and downwards!

I'm making chilli again, but I've only had to invoke Amazing Deglazing Jack once so far! It turns that it's a bad idea to nip to the shop to pick up some extras without telling your napping husband that there's a pan on full heat, at a critical stage, which might need his attention.

In other food news, further to yesterday's slightly downbeat post, we've been trying out some new things with Lori. Here are the successes so far:

  • Huge plates. It makes the food seem smaller and much less challenging.
  • Tiny portions. When combined with huge plates it looks like there’s hardly anything to eat.

Alice was faced with a bewildering array of choices in order to render herself small again. 

  • Healthy desserts. Another way to break food down into more manageable chunks. I'd add a link to a healthy dessert, but it'll only be a sugar-free yoghurt, and I'm sure you know your way to the dairy aisle.
  • Sibling collaboration. Josie is old enough to understand that she needs to help Lori. She was given a much bigger portion (unbeknownst to Lori) so that Lori would have a chance to finish before her.

Lori finished her first serving of food yesterday in super quick time, and was given two sets of seconds, and yoghurt to finish.

It was a really good way to be able to give positive feedback and make her feel that she was constantly succeeding, rather than mealtimes being a succession of failures.

Lindsay couldn't understand why the children didn't finish their packed lunches, until she realised she'd added  a gherkin.

I’ve tried to follow this through at lunchtime, as much as possible, by buying a packed lunch box with compartments and providing lots of little, healthy things that will be less daunting than a huge sandwich loaded with cheese, meat and salad.