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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Water Babies

We took a trip to the newly refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool today, or the Commie, as it's affectionately known to the locals. The training pool was just the right depth (0.95m) and temperature to be perfect for both Josie and Lori to catch up on some much-needed swimming time.

For me, it was a little trip down memory lane. The last time I was at the Commie was when I was at university. Before that, it was for the occasional swimming gala. The first time was when we went to the Commonwealth Games in 1986. Mum couldn't get tickets for the actual swimming, so we had to go and see the synchronised swimming instead. It was really hot as a spectator, and I spent most of the time leaning over to see into the judges' boxes. I think they might have had little monitors to watch the swimmers underwater.

The scary thing is that Josie is the same age now as I was then, and I could really swim by then. Enough that I was keen to go and see all the heroes that I idolised, and had to be satisfied with the synchro.

So, it was with some pangs of guilt that I returned home, feeling somewhat remiss in my duty as a parent. Josie and Lori's weeks are filled with French lessons, piano, Brownies, ballet, flamenco, and next term choir, but they have had to make do with the swimming lessons they get at school.

Promise to myself for the next term? Find  regular swimming lessons for both of them, and slather them with emollient before and after the pool to divert the inevitable eczema flare-up that they both get every time they jump in a pool.

Then, perhaps, when the Glasgow Commonwealth Games make their way over to Edinburgh for the aquatics events, Josie and Lori will be as excited as I once was.


  1. Owen has really good swimming lessons at the high school if you want the details.

  2. That would be great Seonaid, thank you!

  3. And don't forget the galas you took part in at the Commonwealth Pool too