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Friday, 24 August 2012

Olympic Science

I love looking at old posters, and seeing how their design reflects the era. Here's the official Olympic posters through the ages:

I like the designs of Tokyo and Moscow best, but I don't like the way they've rendered the rings on one colour. I like to see them in their multi-coloured glory. I also like quite like Stockholm's:

Have your children been inspired by the Olympics? Mine apparently new feats of science:

Josie: For the first time in doggy Olympic history
Lori: Not doggy, not just doggy, catty too!
Josie: For the first time in Olympic history of all the different Olympics, an opening ceremony that...
Lori: No wait, wait. I'm not ready.
Josie: Well, I hope you're almost all here, because the opening ceremony starts in 10 seconds...
10...9...876...fiiiiiiiive....4321. Welcome everybody to the opening ceremony of the doggy, catty and humany Olympics. I'm going to take you on a magical mystery....but first: the athletes! And the referees! Next the athletes...the athletes...the athletes...
Lori: No, that's not an athlete
Josie:'s your moment to shine at the Olympics. The sparkle, like nothing the Olympics has seen before, the rainbow circle, visible light will be transformed....visible light into a spectrum of rainbow.

Lori and Josie: Lights! Rainbow!
Josie: Spectrum!

They are using their toys to make an Olympic parade, and then Josie is performing an opening ceremony which involves splitting visible light through a prism. Not quite as impressive as the Danny Boyle offering, but she does pull off a good presenter voice.

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