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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer holidays don't go on for ever....

....which is a shame because I haven't got their gym kit out, or new packed lunch boxes, or checked whether their uniforms fit.

Never mind. I'm sure it'll all come together at 07:00 tomorrow morning, as the magic going back to school fairy works its magic. Maybe.

If tonight is anything to go by it will be a shambles.

My attempt at making dinner was punctuated by reading other people's blogs. Which was a mistake. I got sidetracked by Amanda Palmer, in a blog about a review of her show, which Andrew and I were at on Saturday. That made me a bit angry, so I then had to google the review and leave a comment on it. Unfortunately, during this time I'd left the mince on the hob, and it had gone a bit burny.

No problem!

I sent Andrew out for some Jack Daniels to "deglaze the pan". I always tell people I am deglazing whilst covering up a burnt food mistake. It usually does the trick. It did again today, and I put the mince back on to finish off.

But then I got distracted by this. Lauren has just given up her job (as an accountant) to become a blogger. She is very funny.

Unfortunately, whilst reading her post the pan got glazed again. Irrevocably glazed. Not even amazing deglazing Jack could help me. However, I wasn't going to give up on the chilli I had planned. I decanted it all, minus glazed bits, into a new pan and started again.

And then, I remembered the children were still wet from their bath and it was already 20:15, on a school night.  And there was nothing to go with the chilli.

So, Andrew got sent out again. This time for pitta bread, cheese, and sour cream.

I went through to their room. Lori was wearing a single high-heeled shoe. Josie was wearing three pairs of pants. One of her own, and two of mine, possibly the most inappropriate crotchless burlesque pants a child could ever find. Oh dear.

And I still hadn't looked out their school bags. And I was basically the worst organised working parent ever.

When are the October holidays? Please say it's soon.


  1. You forgot the jalapeƱo peppers. I also fetched them. And the kidney beans.

    It's awesome being organised*.

    * Living right beside Tesco.

  2. Thanks for the link! This entire post made me laugh and then your husband's comment made me laugh. I for sure will be back.