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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Progress...slow progress.

The deadline of birthday is in the past, and I'm looking forward to writing at a more leisurely pace. Next self-imposed deadline? Christmas! That's ages away. If I can't get it finished by then, I will be seriously disappointed with myself.

I managed about 500 words today, which is not bad for a school day, and I also went back over the first few chapters. Andrew Law made an excellent suggestion for getting a bit more Edinburgh flavour in the book, whilst still advancing the plot. Result!

Despite not knowing anything other than the bare bones of a synopsis, he manages to come up with surprisingly useful suggestions. I can't wait to see what he does when he starts editing.

 I also did a bit of research on a few historical and mythical figures. It's interesting how many of them are reported to have red hair, and are also supposedly descended from Gods.

 Anyway, I think Christmas is too far away to make an effective deadline, so I've decided I should probably come up with a new one. My birthday is on 2nd August, so that sounds about doable!


  1. Andy told me you were writing a book. Very exciting. I can imagine the kids love the idea :-)

  2. They do indeed. Lori likes to give me ideas. Josie has told me she wants to wait until it is finished to read it. No pressure!

  3. Why not set little mini deadlines to do x by y, so there is no major deadline looming? What's stopping you!!! Really exciting.

  4. Good idea, KP. I shall write a little plan tomorrow.

  5. and then if you can help me organise my life that would be great ;-)