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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A new low for humanity.

Today I was skimming through a free magazine. It's called Foodies, and you can pick up the Scottish edition in restaurants and cafes.

It had some cocktail recipes. The title of the piece was Killer Shots.

The first page had a beautiful little cocktail. Clear Triple sec 2/3 up the glass, a thin layer of Bailey's on top of that, and then tiny strands of grenadine threading their way down through the Triple Sec to the bottom.

It looked like a jellyfish. The title of the piece was Killer Shots. What's the obvious name here?

That's right. Portugese Man O'War, or something of that ilk.

What's not an obvious name?

Naming it after an act of war that killed over 100,000 people.

Yes, this cocktail is called the Hiroshima Bomber.

That's not obvious. It's also weird, and distasteful, and a little bit wrong.


  1. Urgh. But if you were to express concern you'd be labeled a PC mad bint.

    1. Perhaps I would! Although I'm not trying to get anyone to change its name, just observing that I find it distasteful.