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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I've had a relapse. Not really. It's just another stage of healing, but this one hurts. Therefore, I am not much for the typing.

So, here's a little picture to keep you going. I've started to work on the second draft of the book, and I'm all about the trees just now. So...I downloaded an art app on the iPad, called Paper, and I did a quick sketch of a tree. I draw them everywhere. Constantly doodling trees. I'd suggest it "meant something" except that would be very unscientific, and a bad example to my scientist daughter, Josie.*

It probably means I've been thinking about trees, and I have a short attention span in meetings. Anyway, here's the iPad tree. I used a little stylus, because I had a bandage on one hand.

*Not really a scientist. Only 8. Won "Scientist of the Day" in science class at school.

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