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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Socks over Tights

A few days ago I awoke to find that all the tights I thought were tights were actually footless tights. And I only had a skirt or a dress for work. Dilemma.

Luckily, I had a lot of experience in this area circa 1992-1996. Socks over tights.

It's a good look. Some might even call it professional (they'd be wrong).

In the 92-96 era I was mostly rocking a two-tone look - coloured socks over coloured tights.

Or cherry Docs! The bottom half of this outfit could quite literally be my legs in 1995.

Anyway, I didn't want to make splash with my socks and tights combo. I work in IT, in a Bank, everyone is very serious about Things and Stuff. Gone are the days when I could get away with a shirt, dress, and tie. So, I went for black socks under the footless tights. It worked quite well, except I think everyone was looking at me and wondering why I had such wrinkly ankles.

I think next time I'll just distract their attention from my ankles with a drawn-on moustache.


  1. Crikey! '92 to '96 is spot on - I was doing exactly the same then... Though my Docs were black with painted bits and tie-dye laces and the toe of one had to be wrapped around with electrical tape to keep out the draughts. Red tights with cream wooly socks and a nice, jangly ankle chain.

    *sigh* Good times...

  2. I went past Ground Control yesterday - it's now a shop selling retro 50s dresses, and all sorts of cute pink things. I could have wept.

  3. Ha ha, this made me smile. I too was an advocate of the socks over tights with DM's look. I felt super old on Thursday when I got into an innocent conversation with the girl washing my hair at the hairdressers over her white patent DM's. After asking how they were breaking in she asked me if I had some too, that's when I realised that my DM's would be older than her :-o

    As for wrinkles, I always have wrinkly tights. Nora Batty me up

    1. I miss being able to wear DMs to work. Not sure it creates the right image...