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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hints from the modern out-of-the-house-wife

1. The next time you're looking through your cupboards for a recipe book, and you come across some Christmas chocolate, don't shove a handful in your mouth.
2. If you do shove a handful in your mouth, just bite your tongue. Resulting pain will cause you to spit out the offending chocolate and not want any more.
3. If you happen to bite your tongue so hard that it bleeds, then don't soak it up with kitchen paper. It's a stupid idea. Cuts on the tongue need no such assistance.
4. If you are looking for a recipe book, so that you can start at the beginning and cook each one in turn, Nigella Christmas is good/bad depending on your tolerance for alcohol/desire to actually do any cooking. There are a full 8 cocktails, and 5 mocktails, to get through before you even get to food, and that food's only the canap├ęs. Hardly enough to soak up all those cocktails. Perhaps you'd be better off with 20-minute suppers.

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